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OutSystems real-time salesportal for SAP


Webshop fully integrated with SAP SD for real-time customer-specific pricing.


Integration based on standard SAP master data and functions.


Mobile app for scanning products, product information and re-ordering.

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OutSystems success stories


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Beeztees a happy SAP, OutSystems and B-Synergy customer
The most recent application B-Synergy developed for Beeztees using OutSystems is an omnichannel e-commerce platform that includes the product inventory, pricing, and order information. The B-to-B webshop is a combination of OutSystems technology and active SAP integration modules that can be implemented when required after a thorough analysis of your SAP-OutSystems installation. For more information contact B-Synergy

Beeztees migrated to the OutSystems Enterprise for SAP platform


This enterprise edition with cloud deployment provides dedicated SAP connectors that make it possible to easily unlock SAP data to web and mobile applications. Zijlmans: "Our extensive database of product and customer data is now available as a fully managed front-end for optimal ease of use."

According to Zijlmans, the price functionality the e-commerce platform offers Beeztees deserves additional attention: " The prices that are visible to our customers include individual price agreements. At our side, we can easily make price adjustments, so that customers can always see their correct prices for each product. Special features in the OutSystems platform allowed us to realize this dynamic price list with updates per client."

"Our new e-commerce platform offers retailers many advantages. For example, they see a real-time inventory of the different products, so they can always inform their customers well. And during the ordering process, retailers can easily choose to have a product delivered in the store or straight to the consumer's home. This is an example of the additional services Beeztees offers."Van Riel
In addition, track and trace functionality is integrated in the portal, so retailers always know where the packages they ordered are in the supply chain.

The e-commerce platform is designed so that other vendors can easily connect to it as well. Van Riel: "This gives retailers the ease of use and efficiency of having all their suppliers in a single portal. Moreover, we give all companies in this sector the opportunity to benefit from the advanced concept that we have achieved with the help of B-Synergy and OutSystems."

With OutSystems, we add speed and flexibility to SAP. By combining SAP with add-ons and custom applications, developed using OutSystems, we can exploit the full potential of SAP and still make all our data fit for web and mobile.” Germa Zijlmans, IT Manager


Beeztees is a leading B-to-B supplier of pet supplies, with employees and customers in 45 countries worldwide. For over 35 years, the wholesaler procured its products from the Far East, to resell them here. However, Beeztees realized in time that the traditional wholesalers' revenue model would come under pressure. In recent years, Beeztees therefore, transformed into a flexible and marketing-driven organization that designs and develops everything they sell today itself

Job van Riel, Managing Director, and Germa Zijlmans, IT Manager at Beeztees, explain how an automation project of the ordering process turned into a project involving a completely new omnichannel e-commerce platform for retailers, developed in cooperation with technology partner B-Synergy It has led to Beeztees now being known in the market as a trendsetting and innovative player.


OutSystems real-time salesportal for SAP

Economy of Scale is cost benefits

Challenge - Beeztees has implemented SAP ECC to support all administrative and logistical processes. SAP is a powerful and secure transactional ERP system, but at the same time closed and inflexible. To unlock the SAP system, Beeztees opted for OutSystems' rapid application delivery platform.

Beeztees has been working with B-Synergy, an IT services provider specializing in SAP, for years, in conjunction with new technologies such as OutSystems. B-Synergy started at Beeztees with an automation project of the order process and, according to Van Riel, developed into a strategic partner that not only provides support during the development of new IT applications, but also provides business input. "B-Synergy assists us in the entire process, from concept to realization. The B-Synergy consultants help us to work smarter and more efficiently." The development takes place through organized sprints with, according to Zijlmans, “significant time savings and good knowledge transfer during the sprint reviews and product reviews."


Beeztees was able to become a trendsetting and innovative player because it embedded conceptual thinking throughout the organization, and it is capable of quickly turning new ideas into practical applications, thanks to streamlined processes and optimal IT support.

Van Riel: "With the e-commerce platform, we provide better and more customer-oriented services while at the same time being able to use very targeted promotions and marketing. The platform is also well adaptable with a view to the future. In this respect, IT is no longer supportive, but instead is the technology that allows for business growth.”

"By combining SAP with add-ons and custom applications, developed using OutSystems, we can exploit the full potential of SAP and still make all our data applicable for web and mobile. In short, a powerful combination."Germa Zijlmans, IT Manager 

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Technical benefits

Quickly and easily adding SAP functionality to the OutSystems visual development environment
Full documentation of the selected interfaces
Real-time insight into inventory and more optimal inventory management
Improved competitiveness by customized, up to date pricing
Features for active marketing contribute to increasing sales 

Beeztees Transforms Into a Flexible and Marketing-driven Organization

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