Out-off-the-box OutSystems Solutions for SAP

Re-use software, before buying,  before building!

OutSystems Forge components for SAP

Off-the-shelf packaged OutSystems modules for your SAP business

off-the-shelf solutions for SAP OutSystems

Economy of Scale

Keep your OutSystems development cost low by re-using existing components
SAP OutSystems Forge components

Support and Upgrades

Receive the best support for your quality applications reducing maintenance cost
OutSystems requirements

Focus on Requirements

Focus on your business, make changes to components for a 100% fit
Lower cost
More reliable
OutSystems Forge components for SAP

OutSystems solutions for SAP.

Complement your SAP environmentquick and easy using OutSystems components for SAP out-of-the-box!

Enhance and mobilize your SAP  community

If you are considering implementing new software to support or enhance your business processes running in SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA or SAP Hybris, you may have the option of buying a readymade product instead of developing your own program in SAP. It may seem logical to choose an immediate off-the-shelf solution, but this comes with advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making a decision. Software packages running on the OutSystems platform have the benefit of changing the packaged software to your exact requirements fast without losing the benefit of packaged software like cost benefits.

SAP comes packed with functions to create or update their business object like sales orders, purchase orders Plant Maintenance Orders etc. B-Synergy and OutSystems implemented in close collaboration the functionality in OutSystems to consume those functions.  B-Synergy has 10 years of experience building SAP-OutSystems solutions. All packages delivered by B-Synergy come with a service contract for care-free implementation, maintenance and upgrades of your custom configured packaged solution like the Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform or the e-commerce platform.

Some packaged solutions cover non-functional requirements such as security or data caching. These modules can be installed separately and come for free with the platforms. However, B-Synergy is very much aware of security and the risks that insecure SAP-OutSystems integration poses to companies. Therefore the security modules can be implemented when required after a thorough analysis of your SAP-OutSystems installation. For more information contact B-Synergy

Re-use means pre-tested, with references and low risk

off-the-shelf solutions for SAP OutSystems

Economy of Scale is cost benefits

Buying out-of-the-box OutSystems solutions typically work out cheaper than paying for bespoke development even though development in OutSystems is fast, in reality, most software is complex and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) goes up exponentially.

The main reason for the rising TCO of OutSystems applications is that companies fail to muster the required patience and discipline to build an architecture that can handle change. Isn't it so that most companies buy LowCode to deliver software fast? A very common effect in LowCode development is that companies are building their own legacy fast.

Re-using architectural knowledge and developed modules spread over several customers is giving the economy of scale benefits but also reusing best practice architectures. If you outsource development to a third-party company or use internal developers to create a program in either OutSystems or any other LowCode platform, your business has to bear all the costs, including the increase of the cost of change.

SAP solutions that are available out-of-the-box are Webshops connected to SAP SD and SAP MM accompanied with B2B order apps to give to your customers. a CRM solution that extends your SAP SD module without having to buy and or implement integrations with third-party CRM's. Within the SAP E-Commerce solutions, there is also a Buying Portal available. The buying portal is connected to SAP MM Purchasing and/or SRM. The Buying Portal gives buyers an overview across their buying channels, Vendors and Products. It lets you select Vendors, Request Quotes, negotiate and store purchasing contracts in SAP. SAP E-Commerce solutions B-Synergy delivers an SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) solution off the shelf to mobilize your workforce in Service and Maintenance processes.

Immediate Implementation and Proven Technology

SAP OutSystems Forge components

Economy of Scale is cost benefits

B-Synergy lets you choose different levels of support before you buy readymade SAP-OutSystems packages. We offer user training materials or proof of concepts along with help and troubleshooting services. B-Synergy continues developing our packaged OutSystems Software modules, and we offer upgrades when they are of interest to your business. If you use a third-party developer to create a bespoke system, they may not offer ongoing support or upgrades -- or may charge more for these services.
As part of the service contract for the Packaged Solutions, we B-Synergy offers extended support for your existing OutSystems applications.

Readymade SAP-OutSystems modules should be good to go as soon as you pay for them and load them onto your OutSystems platform. B-Synergy uses proven technology and has a track record with customers unless the SAP-OutSystems Solution Packages are newly launched. They will have gone through research and development procedures and pre-launch testing, so you shouldn't have to waste any time dealing with bugs. If a program perfectly meets one or more of your needs, there may be little point investing time and money in developing a version of something that already exists.  How fast ca we implement? Well check this page for the implementation of a fully web, tablet and smartphone enabled SAP PM solution. The Mobile SAP PM solution was rolled out in two weeks at the customer site to engage testing, after that thorough testing and analysing of our software we just need a few clicks to deploy it to production and of they go. Check the site for more info on the evaluation, testing and implementation process.
Standard SAP enhanced with our B-Synergy Packaged OutSystems Solutions will save time and costs. Packages can be rolled out in 1 week so you can testrun the software on your premisis. This should give your end-users the chance to find gaps with their requirements. Since it is sometimes hard to align people on the exact requirements and lack of focus on businessgoals that the software should meet, some customers decide to implement the software off-the-shelve, let people work with it, gather requirements, prioritise them and then decide wich ones should be implemented. This keeps business managers in control of budget, and IT managers in control of developments.
When requirements gathering is efficiently organised your business process now running in your SAP backend can be mobilized in 6 to 8 weeks.
OutSystems requirements

Lack of Focus on Requirements

Packaged SAP-OutSystems software offers a general solution to all your users. However, there is no guarantee that it will be an exact match for your particular requirements. In some cases, a module may lack some features or incorporate ones you'll never use, and you might have integration issues with your existing SAP systems. The OutSystems platform allows us to change a program that is an exact fit for your requirements and your system.

Customer requirements can be additionally implemented with visual programming using the OutSystems’ low-code platform.  Multiple users with different access rights can use the applications simultaneously. All Packaged Solutions were designed with a omni-channel vision, meaning they can be accessed through web, smartphone and Tablet. In some cases the smartphone and Tablet application will even run fine when users are disconnected from the internet. With OutSystems we can easily change our packaged software to perfectly fit your Business Processes.

Packaged software allows you to focus on your most important functional requirements while all technical and non-functional requirements have been taken care of.


Find developers or a full development team for your project.


Off-the-shelf procure-to-pay application running running on OutSystems.


Fully operational SAP Plant maintenance solution for web and mobile


Webshop and apps for direct integration with SAP SD, including pricing.

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